ThermoJoe™ Desk Harmony Bundle

ThermoJoe™ Desk Harmony Bundle


Elevate your sipping experience with the Thermojoe Desk Harmony Bundle – a dynamic duo designed to keep your beverages piping hot and your moments comfortably cozy. This exclusive bundle features not one, but TWO 14oz Deskmugs in captivating colorways: the sophisticated Charcoal Blue and the timeless Classic Gray.

Imagine the luxury of indulging in your favorite coffee or tea, maintaining the perfect temperature for as long as you desire. Thermojoe Deskmugs are not just cups; they're a symphony of innovation and style. With FIVE customizable temperature settings, you have the power to tailor your drink to perfection, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first.


• 2x ThermoJoe™ Desk Mug
• 2x Splash-Proof Lid
• 2x Handle Skin
• 2x USB-C Fast Charging Cable

Note: We're environmentally aware at ThermoJoe™, so we don't automatically include a charging plug with your purchase. We encourage you to use one of your existing plugs - and if you don't have one, you can add one to your order!


• Holds 14 fl. oz. of liquid
• Stainless Steel Handle
• Removable Power Supply Base for easy cleaning
USB-C Fast Charge in 60 min. for on-the-go charging
• 5 ideal temperature settings ranging from hot to warm
• Splash-proof silicone lid
• Maintains your ideal temperature consistently for up to 12 hours
• 6 layered double-wall stainless steel construction
• Made from non-toxic, food-grade, tested materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clayton Elliott
Good but not good enough

I tried the ThermoJoes for a couple weeks. When compared to my Yeti 20 oz tumbler with a magnetic flip lid the ThermoJoe 16oz Travel Mug just wasn’t enough better to justify the price. It kept beverages hot for longer and at a steady temp. But that’s the only part that was better. The battery life just wasn’t “all day” like I was hoping it would be... And I didn’t like going from a 20 oz cup to a 16 oz cup. Plus I really didn’t like the ThermoJoe lid. It wasn’t comfortable to drink from and was hard to comfortably “sip” like the Yeti or a nice standard coffee mug. All this added up to “not good enough” for me to switch… The sad part is I did a lot of research and I truly believe the ThermoJoe is best in class (for smart mugs). It beats the Ember in battery life and capacity. Plus it's much cheaper if you find it on sale. And the ThermoJoe has a USB-C port which is a must in my opinion (the Ember lacks one). So it seems this technology just isn’t good enough to satisfy a very discriminating customer :) But if you don't expect all day battery life and you are happy with 16oz this may be THE mug for you. I do love that it has interchangeable batteries which can help remedy the battery life problem. But at the end of the day I just wasn't willing to keep an extra batter charging in my car when I was out and about all day... I think these mugs come down to personal preference. It all really depends on where you drink your beverage, how much you drink and how fast you drink... And the ThermoJoe does check most of the boxes...

William Foster
Better than Ember!

We've had Ember mugs for years, and watched the prices go up and up and up. As of today, the Ember website lists the 10oz mug at $130 and the 14 oz at $150. For the price of one 10oz Ember I got TWO 12oz TJs. So, how have they worked? Just fine. You don't even need an app. Operating a TJ is a little fidgety, but you'll figure it out. Some people complain that the TJ lacks the Ember's fine-tuned temperature control, and I suppose they have a point. Initially I wished the middle setting was a degree or two warmer, but I quickly got used to it. Battery life has been at least as good as the Ember, maybe a little better. I don't much like the lid, but then again I've never found a lid I did like.