There’s a reason why we like our coffee and tea hot.

ThermoJoe™ Mugs & Accessories are the perfect solution to preventing a cold, unpleasant cup of coffee/tea and makes an ideal gift for family and friends.


To state it simply, we love our morning coffee and tea! For years, our favorite drink would get cold very fast - thus losing its delicious flavors and aroma.

So, we started this journey by envisioning a temperature-controlled mug that was simple to operate - from the lid and construction to the power supply - that would be capable of maintaining anyone’s favorite temperature from the first sip down to the last drop...no matter how long that might take.

ThermoJoe™ Mugs are fully portable in two sizes (14 oz. and 16 oz.) with charging flexibility so anyone can charge it anywhere. The mug you use at home is likely ceramic, so we added a high-temperature ceramic coating to improve your coffee and tea experience.

The body of our ThermoJoe™ Mugs are made of vacuum-sealed stainless steel and have 6 insulating layers (including copper) to even out the heating process.


ThermoJoe™ mugs are the only temperature-controlled mugs on the market with an interchangeable, removable power supply.

This creates incredible efficiency in how we heat your coffee or tea. The human mouth can only tell heat difference by about 5 degrees. With this in mind, our 5 carefully chosen temperature settings are easily selected by even the most discerning coffee or tea connoisseur. The USB-C Fast Charge allows for unlimited flexibility when heating with 2 power sources in rotation.