ThermoJoe™ Chiller Rod Set


Some like hot... and some like it cold! TJ has you covered either way with our state-of-the-art Chiller Rod. ThermoJoe™ Chiller Rod keeps drinks cold without diluting them with melting ice. Simply use it by placing the chiller rod into the freezer for at least two hours. From smoothies to bubble tea, a unique rod holder lets you enjoy any cold beverage by passing through large openings to the lid. Use with or without a straw. 

Note: Made to only fit the ThermoJoe™ Travel Mug.


• Set of 2 Chiller Rods


• Twists and locks into the bottom of the cap to keep drinks colder, longer
• Engineered with non-toxic freezer gel
• Drinks do not get diluted while they chill
• Made with food-grade stainless steel
• FDA-Approved non-toxic & lead-free
• BPA-free