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Dads with travel mug

What can we say about dads? They’re a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. We admire them for their strength, wisdom, good advice, corny dad jokes, and most importantly, how they always put their family first. 


Dads just seem to always have a way of making us smile when we’re down and comforting us when we need it the most. Many fathers carry the weight of the world on their shoulders without anyone ever hearing about it. 


While we often question their outfit choices and their cheesy sense of humor, we never question a father’s unconditional love for his children. 


With Father's Day just around the corner, now’s the time to take advantage of our Father’s Day sale and gift Dad with the perfect self-heating mug. 


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When is Father’s Day 2023?

This year, Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 18th, 2023.

A Cool New Gadget He’ll Actually Use

Dad doesn’t need another basic ceramic mug to sit around collecting dust in the cabinet. What he needs is a mug that will revolutionize his coffee-drinking experience.

With the ThermoJoe temperature control technology, Dad can enjoy his favorite coffee or tea at his preferred temperature for 4+ hours.

Special Features and Accessories

At ThermoJoe, we know there is nothing like a perfectly hot cup of coffee. That’s why our desk and travel mugs feature 5 different temperature settings so Dad can choose his perfect temperature and fully optimize the flavor of his beverage of choice.

And speaking of flavor, our mugs have a ceramic-coated interior to allow for the most ideal unadulterated flavor, without any weird metallic aftertaste, unlike other heated mugs on the market.

Dad, not a coffee guy? ThermoJoe makes the best gift for tea lovers. Add one of our high-quality stainless-steel tea infusers and Dad can brew his tea, both loose leaf, and bags, directly into his mug and sip on hot fresh tea all day long.

With its perfectly sleek and easy-to-hold design, and with no pesky charging plates or electrical outlets needed, ThermoJoe is the best gift for both busy working dads and retired dads who would rather spend their time enjoying life. When you give Dad a ThermoJoe, you give him the ultimate untethered freedom to enjoy his favorite hot beverage anywhere and anytime.

ThermoJoe is 100% wireless and proudly stands out in the market as the only self-heating mug with an interchangeable and removable power supply that works for both the 14oz Desk Mug and the 16oz Travel Mug.

For Every Dad

Wondering what to get for the dad who has everything? Look no further. ThermoJoe is not just a great gift for techie dads, it’s the perfect mug for any dad who wants to keep his drink hot and preserve its pure flavor.

Whether your dad is the kind of guy to spend his weekends golfing or fishing, or he just likes to spend his mornings reading with a cup of coffee, no matter what his thing is, the ThermoJoe Travel Mug is the perfect companion for any lifestyle.

Our 16 Ounce Travel Mug was designed to go anywhere and fit in every cup holder, so it’s a necessity for on-the-go dads who commute or travel.

Once he experiences the ThermoJoe, he’ll never want to go back to using a plain old mug ever again. It’s going to be the thing your dad brings with him everywhere he goes.

Get In On Our Father’s Day Sale!

This Father's Day, save some money and give a dad in your life a gift that will truly enhance his coffee or tea drinking experience.

The ThermoJoe is not only a practical and useful Father’s Day gift, but also a really thoughtful gesture to show your dad how much you appreciate him.

He can say goodbye to cold coffee and hello to warm, delicious coffee with every sip.

Don't miss out on the perfect Father's Day gift – your dad will thank you every morning!

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Cheers to dads everywhere! Happy Father’s Day.